The End of the World As We Know It

Where one or more crucial resources or products necessary to maintain our civilization becomes unavailable or nearly so. Resources like electricity (the grid), petroleum (gasoline), medicines, health care, and more.

Many people believe that civilization may soon fail.

While some think our political problems could escalate into a civil war or other civil armed conflict, war is more likely. More devastating would be natural disasters unknown in our lifetimes. See the Reports from the Congressional EMP Commission and this article 5 Days Without Trucks.

But we are not ready!

There are insufficient stockpiles of food, water and other things necessary to maintain our present level of civilization. Neither government nor industry have such stockpiles. It is up to individuals and families to store what they will need to survive the disaster.

Just surviving is not enough. If the knowledge, technology and experienced workers are lost then all industrially produced products will be lost, possibly forever. This includes many things but chief among these is electricity, gasoline and other petroleum products, communications, medicines and health care. is about saving the knowledge, information and experience necessary to restart a failed civilization. Here you will find articles about saving knowledge of science, mathematics, medicine, building machines and more, along with some thoughts about how to use that information to actually go about restoring civilization after the crash. Selected machines must also be saved, starting with machine tools, particularly older, simpler versions that are possible to build from scratch. Perhaps most important are the experienced individuals and teams that can restart these crucial industries.

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