Save Existing Knowledge With Textbooks

Existing knowledge on many subjects can be learned from a college or university. For our purposes of saving such knowledge, buy the text books, workbooks and laboratory books used in those courses. Admittedly these books and materials are expensive and this is not an option for most people. Some people or organizations dedicated to storing such information will have the resources to fund such acquisitions, should they choose.

To find these textbooks, first you must choose the university from which you wish to purchase textbooks. Your choice may be influenced by the following factors:

  1. Proximity to prepper so might salvage books from after the collapse
  2. Perceived quality or prestige of curriculum or degree
  3. University with the most students

Below are lists of college and universities teaching some of the desired subjects. You will probably want to choose schools that offer Masters programs and PhD programs so you can acquire those books as well.

List of Medical Schools in the United States, Top Medical Schools Review, Another Review

Architecture, List of Architecture Schools

Engineering There are 39 different engineering majors listed at this link. If money is not an issue, get them all. Otherwise, I have listed below those that I think would be most useful. List of Engineering Schools

The Sciences





Next download college and university course catalogs for the degrees offered in these essential subjects. Lookup the degrees in the catalog and make a list of the course numbers offered for that degree. This will have to be done separately for the advanced Masters and PhD degrees. The courses for first and second semester will likely be listed separately, so be sure to get all courses, both required and electives, in both semesters.

There will be a separate degree program for each engineering discipline, so be sure to get them all. This will also be true for the sciences, and possibly for medicine and architecture.

Then, using the campus bookstore website, lookup the books required for each and every course, using the course number to search. This should take you to the book(s) and other materials for that course. At this point you can order the books or make a list of them, with links and prices.

Current course books are usually very expensive. Consider checking with the campus library as they may have copies of the books used prior to the current books that they might consider selling, which would be just as useful for our purposes.

I am very interested in your thoughts on this subject. Please add to the comments section below.

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