Preservation of Existing Knowledge

By Anonymous 411

The words in bold italics below are future links to articles not yet written.
The modern knowledge that must be preserved breaks down into seven broad categories:

  1. The Basics: Reading, writing, history, etc. A complete set of homeschooling books will be needed here. Our children as yet unborn must learn the basics, from elementary school through high school, or they won’t understand the advanced material below. Perhaps textbooks from selected private schools.
  2. Science: Particularly the physical sciences such as chemistry, physics, and many more.
  3. Mathematics: All types of mathematics, not just the basics.
  4. Engineering: There are many fields of engineering including chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, mining and more.
  5. Architecture: Must know how to build buildings, factories, housing, and other structures.
  6. Medicine: Yes, the advanced diagnostics machines of today will be gone, but humankind will still need medical professionals and medicines.
  7. Machines: Generating electricity, petroleum refining, communications, transportation, etc. All of these machines must be rebuilt unless we want to live in the dark ages.


Existing knowledge must come from sources of knowledge current as of today.

  1. Wikipedia articles – as an overview for the user, initially discussed in Part 7
  2. The footnotes to Wikipedia articles’ contain the names of industry standard guides
  3. Modern books (part 6 book list organized into groups and expanded as I buy new ones – date added to list)
  4. Textbooks from university degrees/courses of study, courses required/offered as part of the degree, the text books, workbooks and laboratory books used in those courses.
    1. Choosing which university to purchase textbooks from
      1. Proximity to prepper so might salvage books from after the collapse
      2. Perceived quality or prestige of curriculum or degree
      3. University with the most students
    2. Explain the procedure.
  5. Trade school courses
    1. Machine tool operators
    2. Building trades
    3. Mechanic trades
    4. Infrastructure maintenance trades
  6. Military manuals
    1. Military theory and skills
    2. Maintenance manuals, for all maintenance levels
  7. Military technical courses
  8. Cheat sheets

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