Cheat Sheets and Quick Reference Guides

By Anonymous 411

A cheat sheet or quick reference card can be useful for looking up a bit of information that you have forgotten. Beats hunting up the reference book or old text book, if you still have one. Not recommended as your sole source of information on the subject.

The websites listed below does not include all suppliers of these items, but more to show you such resources are available.

Over 4000 FREE cheat sheets, as downloadable PDF files, on a variety of subjects. Below are three links. I downloaded all the cheat sheets from the Healthcare and Medical. There are more subjects on the website. There are a few interesting prepper related items included.




Has the largest and most comprehensive collect to laminated quick reference guides. They have many more categories on the website.

Biology quick reference guides

Math quick reference guides

Chemistry quick reference guides

Physics quick reference guides

Medicine and anatomy reference charts

Medical anatomy posters

Medical pocket charts

Health and wellness quick reference guides



BarCharts Publishing, makers of QuickStudy

Laminated reference guides. Over 550 different guide products. PDF Catalog



Technology and engineering


Health and fitness

Body, mind and spirit


Crafts and hobbies

Business and economics






Foreign language study

Language arts disciplines



Davis Instrument

Weather measuring equipment and software and a few interesting laminated quick reference cards.

Weather forecasting quick reference card

Celestial navigation quick reference card


Marine and outdoor recreation

Navigation rules quick reference card

Coastwise piloting quick reference card

International navigation rules quick reference card

Boating guide quick reference card

Pocket quick reference cards/

Weather monitoring stations and software



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