Republication Policy

The information found on this website is protected by a Creative Commons copyright. That means that you are welcome to republish any content in part or in full in a digital format, but you must leave all links intact and provide full credit to the author with a link back to this website.

You can contact me at a411 at restartcivilization dot org.

Who the heck is Anonymous 411?

Well, that’s a secret actually. I am a prepper and a retired software developer. I have been a prepper for 35 years, long before the word prepper was invented. I have accumulated hundreds of printed books and over 850,000 electronic files, mostly PDF files. I will tell you where you can find all these books, files and other knowledge and information. I will provide you links to much of this information. In some cases I will tell you where and how to find books and knowledge. It will be up to you to download the electronic material and buy the printed books. I am not a lending library and I will defend myself, my family and my property with all the force necessary.

So what is a prepper?

A prepper is a person who sees potential hard times ahead, whether by job loss, an economic downturn, or by natural or man-made disasters and chooses to prepare for those hard times. Check out these articles for people new to prepping.

What is this website about?

This website is not a general purpose prepper website. I won’t talk about water filters, food storage, supplies, gadgets, skills or weapons. There are dozens of websites that discuss those subjects. For that I suggest you start at this site is about saving knowledge and information necessary to restart a failed civilization. Here you will find articles about saving knowledge of science, mathematics, medicine, building machines and more, along with some thoughts about how to use that information to actually go about restoring civilization after the crash. Selected machines must also be saved, starting with machine tools, particularly older, simpler versions that are possible to build from scratch.

Getting Started

In the spring of 2018 nine articles that I wrote were published as The Information Specialist Series on website. I have republished these prior articles on this website. You really need to read these articles first as a basis for understanding the more advanced articles on this website.